May 25, 2009
By MichaelHolleron BRONZE, Pittsburg, Kansas
MichaelHolleron BRONZE, Pittsburg, Kansas
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In a black and white color scheme
My dreams seem to sharpen
Like a movie with the wrong lighting
Shadows cover all I find

Venetian lines pattern my walls
As I become trapped
In this twisted dream of a fairy tale
Left with a love whose heart is black

I never thought it would be so cold
In the land of black and white
Where happy people lose their love
And soon begin to plot

I wish I was free from being
Trapped in a widow’s snare
Wrapped between the lines of her web
And left to be drained by everyone else

She took over my heart
With her cold, vice-like grip
And proceeded to squeeze it until I gave in to her thoughts
Her dark, sadistic thoughts

In the end we both find
That escape is not the answer
And we will suffer our sins by being left with
No “Happily Ever After”

And in this black and white world
Where lovers come and go
I stay trapped in a web of a black widow’s vice and lies
Never to be broken free

Only left to die

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