Cross Addiction

May 25, 2009
By Katarina Savic BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Katarina Savic BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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How does one stray so far off the path?
Onto a freeway of self destruction
Dimebags like collisions
Emptied bottles like a sudden crash
Send this nomad through the windshield,
Onto the cold damp grass

And upon this tragic impact- he thought his life,
To be good as over.
He merely a variable,
His addiction the controller.

And what greatness once was
Shadows the nothing he’s become.
Frustrations forever ceased to be released
By every line of powder, every swig of rum.

For instead of accelerating forward,
He seems to be stuck in reverse.
Intoxicating himself towards the end,
And he’s never been worse.

All of his prized morals and ideas,
Carelessly spat down the drain.
But the alcohol still rests in his kitchen cabinet
And his companion it would remain.

It would outlast his family,
His beautiful wife,
It was sure to be the death of him
As surely as it was his life

His top priority was to find his next line
And kick back with Captain Morgan in the meantime
And believe me when I tell you, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt
He’s bathed in her calm waters and I’ve seen it.

He suffers from a cross addiction,
Replaced Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
With a drug religion and maybe-
It’s too late to go back.

As the dew caresses his motionless body,
The thoughts in his mind feel so out of place.
Recalling repressed memories of ones he’s wronged
And will never be able to replace.
The blinding red and blue lights flood the air.
The deafening sirens drown his guilt.
To assure him help is there.
To fix this terrible mess he’s built.

And he can’t decide- whether to hold on, or let go
Is this life worth living anymore?
He doesn’t seem to know.
The chatter of assurance is fading.
Everything is blurry and dim.
He may have abandoned his God long ago,
But God never forgot about him.

It just goes to show,
You can’t find a lost soul.
So God lifted His healing hands,
And finally let him go.

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