Sensational Seasons

May 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The Weeping Maiden
She is here.
Can you feel her?
How her warm embrace floats around you?
Can you smell her?
A fresh, sweet smell.
The smell of new life that always issues from her.

She is known as the Weeping Maiden.
She cries for an old lover.
They are forever separated.
Her love crossed the wrong man,
As his punishment, he is separated from the one he loves.

With her tears she nurtures young ones,
Hoping their lives will be better.
They are comforted by her face full of joy,
Yet with an eternity of sweet sorrow.
A joy she shares with all.
She sends the kids frolicking everywhere,
Through the fields of new grass and flowers.
You always know when she is here.
Her message is carried on the wind.
She is here.
Spring is here.

The Daredevil
She glows and flames,
With a fiery passion for everyone and everything.
A passion that emanates from her in waves.
But be warned-
With a sharp wit and tongue full of sass,
Do not anger her or you will be sorry.
For in the thick of a battle there is no better warrior.
Nor more daring a daredevil.
There is nothing she won’t try.
This recklessness is what makes her the most fun.
She is always ready for a good time.
And the word “impossible” is not in her vocabulary.
This fiery and energetic lady,
Who lights up the sky in a multitude of colors with the strength of her emotion,
Is loved by many.
While the heat of her personality is not for all,
Most thrive in the aura of her presence.
The sky is a swirl of color and leaves no doubt that she is on full force.
And that Summer has come again.

The Hunter
He is the Hunter.
Fierce is the breath he breathes.
His skin is the color of freshly turned earth.
Natural highlights of orange, red, and yellow reside in his hair.
He hunts for her, his lost love.
He searches for her, though they are forever separated.
He hunts to ease the burden,
For he has fallen.
He knows not how to stop his descent into his grief.
For he knows the pain is his fault.
He searches,
For hope that his life and others like his can go on.
The Hunter is here.
Fall is here.
And the leaves begin their descent to earth.

The Predator
He creeps up and then pounces with blinding force.
The Predator, always ready.
His orders echo across the land.
Soft, but terrifying.
Rendering sleep impossible for the little ones,
Who are safe inside their beds.
His icy stare pierces through your skin,
And into the very core of your bones.
His attitude of authority is ever present,
That leaves no doubt that his orders are obeyed.
His skin is a pearly white with deep blue eyes.
Eyes that you fall into,
Eyes that see all.
He is beautiful,
But with a cold twist to his features.
His presence makes you shiver.
And he always arrives too soon.
“Wait longer to come again,” the people pray.
“Winter stay away a little longer.”

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This article has 3 comments.

forever said...
on Jun. 2 2009 at 7:30 pm
i love it!!!! almost as much as i love youuu (: lmno.

Mrs.Hart said...
on May. 31 2009 at 9:28 pm
I appreciate the way the author captures the essence of each season in her imagery.

on May. 29 2009 at 8:11 pm
Wow, that was amazing! Your imagry is unique and your metaphores are eye catching! great job

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