Those Three Little Words

May 25, 2009
By makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
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Love is something you cant touch
Just an idea in someones head
Something that most people don't understand
Something that most only get glimpses of in their life time

Such a powerful word
It can break something
Or put it back together
Three words we all crave to hear
We all dream of it
We seek it out
And hope to find it

But what is love really?
Someone asked me to define love
I replied with:

Its the way he makes me smile when everything else tells me to frown
Its the way he makes me laugh at the weirdest times
Its how he holds me so close when all i want to do is cry
It's his voice whispering words of happiness in my ear
It's the way i get lost in his eyes and day dream
It's the way he kisses me and the whole world disappears
It's everything put into 3 little words

But most importantly its how he takes my hand in his
And says

"I'll never let go..."

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