next generation

May 25, 2009
By brie carmichael BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
brie carmichael BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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we breathe,we breathe. to the rythym of love.
and kiss the lips of blooming sensuality.
we love,we the colors of paints and sun rises.
&& bleed into eachother just as easily.

we listen,we easily do we fall to the sounds of sweet lies.
and we play, oh, we play in the animosity of all that is adolescense.
we learn we learn. by our own hands, for we are hard headed and cocky.
&& we'll be stronger for it.

we feel,we feel the pain of mistakes we've made,
the burn of sheer regret,hind sight is 20/20.
but we look,we look to our tomorrows with suchh hope in our eyess.

we do,we do. wrong and rights.
we do,we do...the best we maybe can.
we do.

we hurt....together.
we know....together.
we learn...together.
we grow..together.
but we are so alone.

we are lost, we are lost.
in what could be our darkest days.
we are confused,confused...about the worlds we live in.

we are, we are wrapped up in things that hold such little significance.
yet they mean the world to us.
we are nieve.

we are the neww generation.
&& no matter what you beleive,we are nothing.

we've so much to learn.
[[some of us more than others]]
we've so much to acclomplish
[[attempt, and fail]]
we've so much to do
[[or not]]

so much,so much.

we are ignorant
we are beautiful.
we are childish.
we are smart
we are different then those gone before us.
we are so much more.
and so much less.

we are the next generation.
we are nothing

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