May 24, 2009
Infinite Mirrors,
Dual Destiny,
Emotions are mirrors,
Inner reflections of the souls you keep,
The demons hidden within,
The facade you show others,
Opposite from one another,
But in the end,
We couldn't live without each other.

With every repetition,
The image is continuously diluted,
Hiding real emotions,
but true intentions forcefully rise to its surface.

We rely on mirrors to make our hearts content,
They hide us from the truth,
Their every motion has our consent.
We breathe and await their exhale,
Anticipating its arrival,
Mirrors cushion our reality,
Our personal guardian angel.

Glorious mirror on the wall,
To cushion my inevitable downfall,
Make sure that the I live life right,
So at the end,
I'll be the one standing tall.

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