The Ethereal Ode

May 24, 2009
By Davis Turner BRONZE, South Pasadena, California
Davis Turner BRONZE, South Pasadena, California
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It was a glimmer in the ruffling stream
Shining through the leaves
Tickling down the endless fall
Dancing on the river's gleam.

Reflecting brilliance
Lips of vermilion
Moving softly
Breaking through the crowd
Until it shone in front of me.

With eyes like the sky after a storm
Where the soul of the sun sings through the clouds
And softly, plainly, upon me speaks
The kiss of the goddess' lips.

With skin of the night's midsummer dreams:
A pale and bright sky
For the zephyrs that pass in the morn
And the scarlet roses that rest on her cheek
That once a tale from lips did bring
And sing of the evening sky

From the breaking of the dawn
Her eyes shone out the darkness
And her voice spoke like an aria
With a tender crescendo:

Abandon your thought
The old
Redefine the dance
The new

Swaying gently, I was lost in the temporal consciousness of a light tempo
The Baroque echoing and repeating in constant succession.
A pounding at the gates
It was trying to break through
Soft, quiet, silent, redundant, tiring
Then breaking
Like mad
A tempest

The stars lit up in the skies;
The fires of the night raging in her eyes
And swiftly she bore the stars of the night
And shone like a moon
In a sea of stars

And as the night fell to the sun
She evanesced with the stars
Until the sun had regained order
And control.

Yet the night still danced in the daylight
Waiting patiently
To break free again
To sing its ethereal ode:

Abandon the old
To redefine the new

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