Message of the Colors

May 24, 2009
The air is chilling
as it penetrates my soul.
I close my eyes
and colors waltz through my mind.

A rusty hue leads me down a path;
a path of torment, so arduous.
It shows me what I’ve lost,
and reminds me of past sorrows.

A perished shade of life,
once bright, now lacking luster.
It teaches me how to emancipate
what I thought couldn’t be saved.
A song of self-sacrifice
is what I have rendered.

A pigment of amber unearths me.
It makes me see what I’ve been missing,
promising a light at the end of my tunnel.
It’s an adamant place of hopefulness
that glows within me.

Warmth floods towards me
as the chill is driven away.
I open my eyes
and thank the colors
for what they’ve done.

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