In Honor of Irena Sendler

May 24, 2009
By VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
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“One child is not enough!” - Irena Sendler – The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler

The Price One Must Pay

Though I am not Jewish
I am Polish
When your brother is in need
You help him succeed
And that was what I did
Despite what those Nazi’s forbid
I worked with Żegota and the Polish Underground
Trying to recreate a hope that’s drowned
I had a special permitt to enter the Warsaw Ghetto
But it would take more than a permitt to save them from the foe
Smugling and saving 2,500 children
And admitting them into families that would accept them
Granting them new Christian identities
And placing their imformation in jars burried under a tree
In 1943
I was caught by the Gestapo and tortured severely
I was sentamced to die
But the Żegota spared me with a bribe
So I was left in the woods with broken arms and legs
My death was posted on public bullitens
I lived in hiding until the end of the war
Once it was over I dug up what I had stored
The jars
I tried to reunit the children and their relatives but that subject brought more scars
A lot of them did not survive
But the children were thankful that they were avlie
I was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize in 2007
But lost to Al Gore though to many still a winner within
I was the last survivor of the Children Section of the Żegota Council
My Earthly duties I believe I fulfilled
Though I was my enemies prey
To save a life, that is the price one must pay

"Every child saved with my help is the justification of my existence on this Earth, and not a title to glory.” – Irena Sendler

The author's comments:
Irena Sendler passed away in May 2008 in her home country... Poland.
There is a great film doen by Halmark: "The Courageous Heart od Irena Sendler". A must see.

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