A Teardrop

May 24, 2009
By writtenchaos BRONZE, Trabuco Canyon, California
writtenchaos BRONZE, Trabuco Canyon, California
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Actually, that’s not entirely true.
I hate you for everything you left me with when you decided to speed away from this hit-and-run that I like to call my life,
And you hardly even stopped to say “I’m sorry,”
Even though I had the faith to believe that you’d be the one to wait until the ambulance came.
Instead, you left me with songs I can no longer listen to,
A hug I’ll never get,
And a void that refuses to be filled.
And that’s because I love you for what you brought to my life before you sped away:
Someone to talk to, who cared and meant everything they said.
I’m saying this right now with perfect honesty: I loved you,
But not in the way desperate teenagers say “I love you.”

I loved you because you were a friend,
Someone I depended on and cared about more than anything ,
And somewhere in my head that idea was mistranslated into something just as meaningful, but totally different.

What hurt me the most is that you left;

What hurts me even more is that you had to for me to figure this out.

But the thing that kills me is the fact that you will never understand.

The author's comments:
I think the poem is self-explanatory, but I really just hope that it can help someone else to think before they...before they think, I guess. That's all.

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