Pain Of An Army Wife

May 24, 2009
By PoeticJusticeMami BRONZE, Schererville, Indiana
PoeticJusticeMami BRONZE, Schererville, Indiana
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At the beginning of February I accidentally fell in love with a boy that fits me like a glove. I loved him and he loved me but he made a tough decision that he wanted to join the army I couldn't imagine him at war and then all of a sudden i hear a knock at my door, a soldier with a box in his hand telling me over and over again how sorry he was for my lost. But even though the soldier kept apologizing I just drop to my knees and started crying, praying that it wasn't true and maybe someday God would reconnect me back with you. I know that our true love is there because even when you're gone i can still it in the February air.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem I was thinking of my ex-boyfriend who wants to go to the army and fight for this country. When he first told me that it scared me because I didn't want to lose him. And this was my thoughts on the decision he made. I hope that whoever reads this can try to feel the pain of these women who have lost there husband at war.

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