A Rainbow for You

May 23, 2009
By Christopher Eicher SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Christopher Eicher SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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My heart is bloeeding dye for you
It drips to the paper as lines
In the glow that you make me feel
Its gleaming color that shines

I wishfully dream that i could take
A brush to my bleeding heart
I'd paint with the colors I ooze
To make the most vibrant of art

The blackest bright oranges
And the hottest red yellows
We're ablaze, on fire
With passion, desire

all is at rest
It's twilight, it mellows
I'd paint for you
With violets, pinks, and yellows

It's a blue gray stormy day
With no end in sight
Blackest void of lacking light
With streaks of indigo
I'm thrashing under ice
So lost and cold
So lost and alone
When it's time for me to go

I have the paint
You have the brush
I am a canvas just for you
You can brighten my day
Or wash me away

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