Just a Girl

May 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Just an average girl
Living a not so average life
Going through each day
Continuing to fight

For what she loves
The only thing
That picks her up
And gives her wings

Just like a soldier
She won't back down
Each day she fights
She stands her ground

Ignores the doctors
And what they say
They tell her she
Will never play

Never run
back on that field
Never feel
That windy shield

Never kick
A soccer ball
Never fly
But always fall

She won't give up
She can't let go
Cuz it's her life
It's all she knows

Been by her side
Since she was four
As she looks back
To her first score

She hears the crowd
And how they cheer
As she remembers
She feels a tear

It starts as one
But multiplies
As her vision blurs
As the memory flies

Out of her life
The rest go too
As she holds her jersey
So white and blue

The tears continue
It hurts so deep
A part of her
She can not keep

As she has grown
It's stayed the same
Right by her side
Her chance at fame

Her key to happiness
Her way of life
Each day they tell her
Not to fight

Expect her to
Let all that go
Just give it up
And never show

The pain she feels
Deep in her soul
The don't understand
She can't be whole

Without that piece
Of who she is
So she can't let go
Not until she wins...

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