Nothing more, Nothing less.

May 23, 2009
By cambakahhfdbsf BRONZE, Westminster, Massachusetts
cambakahhfdbsf BRONZE, Westminster, Massachusetts
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With vines protruding through my feet,

The casket sits, submissive, while I lay roses across her chest.
Eyes wide open, bloodshot, heaving one last breath.

“Please excuse my subtlety, but I promised betrayal,

Nothing more, Nothing less,”

Appalling is the circumstances lain before me.

How must one choose between such beautiful eyes, to fulfill, to confess,

And an almost uncertain justifiable death. But I certainly detest;

I could never induce those decisions that made this possible,

I will enclothe this all, with my own flesh.

I’d be damned to not reserve your name on an empty seat,
At your funeral, for you to bleed outward your only witness.
The others shall shriek affliction until day converts to distress.

“I promised eternity,

Nothing more, Nothing less,”

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