I'm Not Done

May 23, 2009
Every smile a reason for tears
Every laugh for the broken years
Every time he says he's alone
When I'm standing right here.

He'd never believe what I think about him
He'd never understand how I see life.
When he's hurt there's no time for words
His only thought is of hurting back.

I don't think he sees that I can feel too
I don't think he knows what I mean when I say
I care about you.
I don't think to him it even really matters.

In his world
There is no such thing as a second chance
There is just "I'm done."
And the rest of us
Are suposed to just go on living.

But the truth is
Is that I can feel to
And when he says "I'm done."
It breaks me inside.

As silly, as pointless
As it may seem that I care
I cannot take much more guilt from myself.
And I could not ever just let what's my fault
Be "done."

So hate me if you will
And call me a fool
Hurt me because you can
And use me just because

But you will just be like the other
That I left not long ago
And if I can take that pain

And still love today
To never be done
To have the courage to never hurt you back
To never leave you alone

Then maybe

So can you.

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