May 23, 2009
By unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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How could someone like you
A friend so close,
Betray me like this
Forget what you loved most?

You left just like that
At the blink of an eye
You didn't think about me
Didn't care if i cried.

You made bad decisions
That affected not just me
You hurt everyone dear
Didn't you even see?

I should have seen
Those warning signs
Noticed something was up
But instead I was blind.

I trusted you
Believed all the lies
It was silly of me
To be so surprised.

And you don't even think
That what you did was wrong
You're blissfully ignorant
humming your own song.

But you know what?
Even though I'm sad
I don't think that anything
Can replace what we had.

It'll be OK
Somewhere down the line,
It'll be made right
I know it will be fine.

God can make it good
Turn it upside down
Make you whole again
Turn you around.

I'll forgive you one day
When my heart can mend
Once I've processed it all
And I'll see you again.

For now I am grieving
Sifting through my thoughts
Talking about my feelings
And being distraught

I think this might be
A chance to learn
And a time to grow,
To take a different turn.

And I'd like to thank you
For the good times we had
Because somehow through it all
You weren't all that bad.

I don't really know
If i can trust you the same
It might take a long time
Or it may never change.

God knows how it'll turn out
He knows what's in store
He has plans for you
Of that I am sure. :)

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