May 23, 2009
By zoe yabrove BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
zoe yabrove BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Steep enough to tumble away from,
Though we Remain stuck in our ways.
Confusion takes place, torn by crisis.
We Gather as one, but only because of tragedy.
Fight! for life,
get the point across,
we find comfort, but only when others shiver
In all situations,
We search for immortality, or transformation.
I hope to become one of Mother Nature’s creations
And be the rain that washes away the blood,
for the grounds are stained.
I would see the world as a bigger place,
I’d let myself pour onto deserving faces.
When everything comes down to nothing,
Only fear the reflection staring you down.
Global hardships are all we know.
Villains are famous.
Hero’s are lost in translation.
What is our excuse?
We have Disclaimer

I live my life on a treadmill.
I run, but get nowhere.
We have a fear of falling,
But how will we know If
we are falling or flying?
We wear peace
Instead of being it.
I’m living a three ring circus
I’m a freak show
I’m a silly clown
And sometimes I’m a fearless trapeze girl
The word love is said as often as water,
Pours from our spouts.
How will we ever know if it is real?
Or if it is water slipping past us.
What is our excuse?
We have a disclaimer.

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