The Man in the Moon

May 23, 2009
By Gabrielle Olivia BRONZE, Grande Prairie, Other
Gabrielle Olivia BRONZE, Grande Prairie, Other
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The Man in the Moon

The man is the moon
Is a curious sight indeed
His eyes twinkle merrily
And with a steady speed:
He looks down at me,
Smiling like the sun,
And he says kindly,
“What’s the matter little one?”
I confess all my troubles,
All my problems, all my fears,
And instead of making fun of me
He furrows his brow and his throat he clears.
He knows what I’m thinking
And every thought I will think soon.
His eyes look at mine, my man in the moon.
The advice he gives me
Only I alone can hear,
And if someone ever caught me
They would think I was quite queer.
But I don’t care, because:
When his eyes twinkle merrily
Singing a sweet tune
I really do love,
My man in the moon.

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