Fighting Destiny

May 23, 2009
By shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
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Fighting Destiny

Even the strongest will falter
and all will eventually leave you
Forsaken—when forever arrives
You are destined to stand alone
But some would choose to stay a while
Before they finally go
and even the brightest stars brilliance
Is only a reflection
Of the darkness that surrounds its light.
A true warrior knows when to fight
and masters the art of losing
Such that the struggle never ends
Only pauses to watch the sunset
The dawn of a new reign
Dusk in all its shadowed glory
The battle rages on
You’re fighting foes and friends.
You are more alone than you ever believed
For ghosts do not count as companions
and you’re haunted by a dream.
The apocalypse creeps forward
On countless slippered feet
and the walls crawl like something living
Breathing and chanting your name
Only echoes in your mind
The shadows laugh to fill the silence
and the wind whispers sweet nothings
Its lover cannot hear
Deafened by the sound of gunfire
and metal crunching bone
The smell of death is thick and sweet
Forsaken—you stand alone.
All will eventually leave you, child—
But some would stay a while
Putting off the inevitable
You cannot let this pain show.
Happiness flies away
On wings of gilded gold
But only on the outside are they truly pure
For beneath the gold leaf is bronze
Impure as the fire it was forged in
You cannot hold on to that which was never there
and in order to see the moon
You must first close your eyes to the sun
and the brighter your stars shine
The darker your sky must be.

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