Catherine Who

May 23, 2009
By Kaelyn Quinn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Kaelyn Quinn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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who wore yellow L.L. Bean t-shirts
and loved the beach
who braided her hair in two
just like Pocahantas
who once sat in the King Soupers parking lot with me for two hours
and ate Cheetos until our tongues turned orange
who asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas
who picked the rainbow sprinkles off her glazed donut
and wanted to be a scientist
catherine who disappeared in August
but I don’t blame her
who cut her hair off
is a mystery girl
who I don’t know
who makes me feel awkward
and doesn’t like flowers
who I agree with
and never responds to my emails
who lost everything
who I can’t cry in front of
so I bite my lip until it bleeds
Catherine who doesn't want me anymore

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