Beyond My Door

May 23, 2009
By Mike004 BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
Mike004 BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
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I’m boxed in from all corners
I can’t see past the borders
of my world.
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I think
about all that lives and dies
and I can’t stop feeling purposeless
Why can’t I get the first flight out of here?
Why does every plane of mine fall down?

Tell me how to live
Tell me what I need to do
I just want to fall off my plateau
Tell me what to say:
to escape your harmful wayward words
that won’t stop resounding in my head.

Beyond these walls that surround me
lay more of the same,
their patterns don’t ever seem to end.
Why can’t my dreams ever take me
to my place of endearment and bliss?
Ever time I walk upon the clouds
I find that same shining door,
that takes me back to where I wake up.

So please, tell me how to live
Tell me what I need to do
I just want to find my own door
Tell me where to find
to find that door that will not budge
so that I can blow it down
with every ounce of my vitality.

So that I will have one second
to experience everything I longed for.

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