May 25, 2009
Why does it be
That it has to be me?
Why can't you see what you've done to me?
Why can't you stay in one place and in one piece?
Why did you run and hide?
Why did yuo play games?
Why do you have to pretend to be someone worth while?
Why can't you be normal?
Like everyone else?
Why can't you ever fit in with the crowd?
Why do you act so indifferent?
Why do people see you in a different way than you see yourself?
Why can't you just accept who you are?
Why can't You say who you are?
Why do I say you when the only person to know all these questions is me, I am the one who is this person with all these worries,:/

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ilovetinkerbell said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 3:54 pm
I often ask myself and God these questions. I have many friends that care for me and I know that you need one. I am willing to be your friend even though I live in Missouri. Just hang in there and it will be all right. One thing i have learned is that I have to learn to love myself and believe that Life is going to get better because then it seem like all the pain, hurt, angry, and scared are gone. God Bless you.
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