Fallen Angel

May 24, 2009
By PoeticJusticeMami BRONZE, Schererville, Indiana
PoeticJusticeMami BRONZE, Schererville, Indiana
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I remember walking through the doors of the church looking at my family members' faces seeing nothing but pain and hurt

As me and my mom took our seats I looked at the casket with a woman inside it before me resting peacefully I looked around my grandmother was no where to be found and it felt like a big storm cloud was hanging over our heads

Now I had been told that my grandmother passed away but my heart and my mind wouldn't believe that the death of my family's angel went away

When i got a good look at the woman with make up on her face laying there like she has been frozen for three hundred years, I realized it was my grandmother and an ocean of tears began to fall from my eyes

The pain that I felt in my chest was unbearable, it felt as if someone took my heart and drove over it with a monster truck, the reality of her laying there motionless took me by surprise just then i realized my grandmother would no longer be apart of my life.

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