May 24, 2009
By EmoAnne BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
EmoAnne BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Im blinfolded.... so you cant see the fear behind my brown eyes, you say you love me, need me, but you degrade me and break me down cause you cant stand the factthat i dont need you anymore....So you push me around and aside in this dark corner with nothing but darkness so im runinng and runinng till u forgive and to get back in your life cause there its always light even if its not so bright so im runinng im getting tired and i trip on the morality of it and im being swallowed whole by the darkness monster i scream and scream out for help but you look at me with this nostalgia and im crying black tears cause of the pain you cause so i cut and cut myself and watch the blood bleed out to make myself feel better but im always alone with nothing but darkness.

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