Protesting A Soldier

May 27, 2009
By musicministry GOLD, Cedarville, Arkansas
musicministry GOLD, Cedarville, Arkansas
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Don't worry,I've been through this before and even worse and I'm still here aren't I?

twice we've been hit,
third times the charm
and as we bury the casket
the tears begin to fall.
War is painful, but what hurts more is that YOU people are disrespecting.
These boys, OUR boys, fought hard and surrendereed their lives, and was it all in vain, lest you stand here and protest???
our grief overrides our minds and the strength of God alone
is keeping us from screaming in rage;
how can you stand to do this?
Somewhere our boys are watching you, and know this,
you're messing with soldiers...

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