I am from Left America

May 22, 2009
By J Nova BRONZE, Wallabeway, Wisconsin
J Nova BRONZE, Wallabeway, Wisconsin
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I am from the left veered path of thought
Where equality meets necessity and rightful law
I hang from the leaves that spread their cooling shade
Over American yards on warm summer days

I am from the change of tomorrow
Where heated debate meets satisfying compromise
I nourish opposition with tangy retorts of reason
Upon which is tasteful during any voting season

I am from the evolution of society
Where healthcare meets group prosperity
I speak words of counsel and benevolence
To my fellow citizens of countenance

I am from The Fourth of July parades
Where red, white, and blue children grow patriotic
I embrace strength from the banners waved high
As the fireworks blaze into the free evening sky

I am from the culmination of history
Where independence equaled deliberate action
I listen and learn before I take position
Through which I understand a prosperous vision

I am not from the right veered path of thought
Where abstaining leads to no progress
I do not haunt any mansion or corporation’s hall
And will never stoop to scandalous methods of call

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