Guardian Angel

May 4, 2009
Guardian Angel

When I picture
My guardian angel
I picture a few things

I think of first
Of who I think
He or she is
When my grandma died
I always thought of her
As my guardian angel
And who else she
May be watching over
Other than myself
Who else she cared that much about
She’d spend her days in heaven

If I have more than one
Guardian angel
If there are always
Angels in my midst
At all times
And how they help me
Throughout my life
With out me noticing their

Along with
If fate is a guardian angel
In disguise
Or is that her name?
Does fate watch over us and
Know our future
Off by heart?
Does she make sure we’re safe?
Every child
Every parent
Every friend
Every family member
Every grandparent?

And then when bad
Or sad
things happen
Is that when she slips up
Since she has to watch us all
Every person on earth
Who depends on her
Without knowing it
She can’t help us all
At the same time
Like she tries to

Nobody’s perfect

But we all get over her slip up
And forgive her
And hope for a better future
That we know will be okay
And we pray
That she’s watching over us
And will help us

Fate’s just one more
Of our
Guardian angels
To me.

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