May 18, 2009
By KittyKat77 BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
KittyKat77 BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
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Some say pride is really bad,
some say that is makes you sad,
but it's not really all that bad,
if you think of all the proud times you've had,
Pride is cloud with a silver lining,
It has it's good times and it's bad but is always brightly shining,
Pride places people in a pleasant place,
It is something you can't shut inside of a case,
Pride is like a trophy or a million dollars just won,
to say that you are proud of something, means life has just begun,
Pride whispers in my heart and sleeps deep in my mind,
It's not bad at all you know, and it's not hard to find,
Just look at the small things in your life,
and you will feel it growing, as you smile, inside.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to my mother. The Bible says that pride is bad, and I am a christain. But I do know that it is not bad to proud of someone or something. So be proud of who you are and what you have. Stand up and let others know what you believe in. Be Proud of our great country and the things we do together..Be proud of beautiful things on this earth. Be proud!!

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