The door

May 16, 2009
By mmm.chicken BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
mmm.chicken BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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I slowly make my way to the door
the door of peace and light
Pain free and living
With every breath i take the harder it is
to let go
to go on
To remind myself that it's not over
I try not to think back
to all the things i have said
that have hurt you
i know it's my fault
I can't handle this guilt anymore
I have to make it end
To be with the yearning side of myself
That longs to be with you
It won't be long now
I can feel my mind slipping
Then everything goes black
I try to open my eyes to see you
But it feels like my eyes are stapled shut
When they do open
I see family and friends around a bright light
Some crying
But wait this isn't right
where are you
Your not here
Instead i hear a voice saying
That if they didn't find me
i would have been dead
I know a tear ran out of my eye but
I close my eyes and feel you in my soul
The soul that yearns to be with you

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