Still Love You...

May 20, 2009
By MayiaLynn,<3 BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
MayiaLynn,<3 BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
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You run through my mind before I go to sleep.
I think of your smile, and your fingers intertwined with mine.
I miss your laugh. It brightened my day.
Your baby blue eyes, and your levy jeans.
Your arms around my waist, or my head on your chest.
Your lips against mine, and my dramatic blush afterwards.
At the basketball game, my best memory with you, I held your hand and kissed your cheek.
I told you I loved you, and you told me back.
I remeber sitting on those bleachers, with all the noise around, and not hearing anything but you and me.
I miss you like crazy. It`s been about a year now. I still love you. That`s never changed, and it never will. Your my sun, my bright light, my first actual love. I miss you & love you. I want you to be happy, and ill never let you go.<3

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