May 20, 2009
By jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Looking through days from the past
We remember high school, and wish it would last

So many people, so many friends
So much to do, and it never ends

How great all the memories are
Turning 16 and getting your car

You look to your friends when they shout your name
And soon you realize you’re all one in the same

You all dress alike and wear the same clothes
There’s no time for others with different goals

So how do you fit in with anyone else
When you’re too worried about how they see yourself

High school has cliques there’s no denying
Fight them? Ha! There’s no point in trying

From the first day you’re segregated into
Groups by the sports you play, or the house you go home to

The judgments are common and far too naïve
Every day at least one kid gets up and leaves

Nobody likes it and when people try to change
You get kicked out of your group because you’re strange

You use a sport to fit in as a reason
But that’s over as soon as the season

One day I hope popularity will be fair
But until then, hold you’re head high, and try not to care

For it’s only four years you have to get through
And in the end, it’s more important to be you

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