The Unexpected

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s April tenth, clocks almost to noon.
Passengers loaded, can’t set sail too soon.

They’d travel all day, and travel all night,
Ignoring cold weather, the wind and its bite.

Songs would be sung and cards would be played.
Not knowing that promises would soon be betrayed.

They claimed it couldn’t happen, words from their only master,
Words taken right back on the eve of great disaster.

Seeing too late, the crash came without warning.
Screams of horror and fear echoed in wee hours of morning.

No space for each person, the ship began to fall.
No choice but to jump, because of broken protocol.

When all said and done, for many too late.
The search for the bodies ended at three hundred twenty eight.

We’re left here with lessons to push through hard heads
Avoidable bad endings; something everyone dreads.

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