Titanic Poem

May 19, 2009
By Kelly Vickers GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Kelly Vickers GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The most memorable ship in the sea,
Nobody ever thought it would be.
It was expected to be the trip of a lifetime,
Nobody would trade it for a dime.
There were laughs and dancing everywhere,
But once it hit the iceberg, there was a big scare.
Nobody knew the ship would go down,
They all wanted to end up in their destination town.
Once everyone found out what was going to happen,
Everyone got serious and there was no more laughin’.
Ever was ballistic, terrified, and crying,
They all realized that they soon would be dying.
Some tried to escape as fast as they could,
People hopping in ships to live, they all knew they should.
Others wanted to die peacefully with their loves ones,
They sat in their room and waited for it to be done.
As bodies lay dead in the water,
The police went around and were glad that they found her.
As they look back on the ship sinking,
They kept their eyes wide and stopped blinking.
As people of our generation learn about this day,
People are lost for words, they don’t know what to say.
No one will ever understand the day,
That left so many of us in dismay.

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