May 13, 2009
By booby brown BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
booby brown BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Boom Boom u can hear the hits blow to the face

The kids running to the fight the

Teachers trying to break it up but the intensity of the fight is to well-built
One on top of the other trying to get some hits so they can win the argument of the fight

Everyone screaming and betting on who’s going to win

Everyone gone wild knowing that they are going to get in trouble

Boom boom one of them bleeding the other taking advantage

The sound of everyone cussing

The teachers getting the students off

They still trying to get some hits

Slams the kid on the ground and punches him in the mouth

The kids face swinging and hitting the floor

He gets up to kick the boy

Knock you hear the kick
The boy on the ground starts to cry and the teachers trying to get through the crowd

The kids are so in tight

The fight ends and the crowd cheers it on

The author's comments:
this is something in every teens life

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