Krazy Ways to Solve Boy Issues

May 7, 2009
By kayla grenier BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
kayla grenier BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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If he kissed you and missed- try not to laugh then kiss him back

If they won’t answer the phone- call until they pick up or just leave a message.

If he wants to watch a scary movie- make him hold your hand so you aren’t scared.

If he puts his arm around you and it smells like B.O.- go casually to the bathroom and when you come back grab his hand so he can’t put it around you.

If he keeps checkin’ you out- say to him, hey I see ya over there checkin’ me out!

If you were holding hands and your hand is sweaty- pretend someone is calling you and wipe your hand on your pants or something.

If you went swimming and his trunks fell off- turn the other way and pretend not to see, if anyone asks say see what?

If you were hanging at your friend’s house and he wanted to kiss you but you didn’t want to in front of everyone one- say you will but not in front of everyone.

If he has a booger in his nose- fake sneeze and then ask for a tissue, say I HAVE A BOOGER IN MY NOSE!

If he has bad breath- always have gum or listerine strips

If he grabbed your butt while slow dancing- say you have to pee and the song is almost over.

If his fly was open- say I like milk… MOOOOOOOOOOO!

If they just started freaking out- tackle him and say chill!

If you are at a movie and you want popcorn and you don’t want to feel like a pig- share with a friend or maybe ask him.

If you are grounded and he wanted to hang out but you don’t want to tell him why- say you have to clean your room and help around the house.

If your voice is all weird and you sound weird because you are sick- just smile.

If he doesn’t want to hang out because he is with his friends- say aren’t I considered one of your friends.

If you are at the movie theater and you get scared- squeeze his hand and hopefully he’ll get the hint to put his arm around you =]

If you like someone more than your boyfriend- first of all determine which one likes you better…then see which one makes you happier 

If two guys like you, who do you choose- pick the one that looks at you more and talks to you.

If he flirts with other girls- go over by him and give him a really guilty look.

If you want to talk to him more- walk up to him and start talking.

If he embarrasses you- give him the look and walk away.

if he pees his pants- spill water over yourself so he doesn’t look so dumb…=]

if you fart- say ohemgee my shoe is squeaky.

If his pants are on backwards- say I like your new style then smile.

If he has stuff in his teeth- say I have to brush my TEETH they feel GUNKY!

If they want to go skinny dipping- say no one has a pool and I got this sweet new swim suit!

The author's comments:
my friend kenzie and i wrote this advice and thought others would find humor in it. also it can be very helpful.

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This article has 2 comments.

gommer69 said...
on May. 29 2009 at 7:57 pm
i like the advice lol it is funnnny. i think this could rele turn into something

KaylaG663 said...
on May. 29 2009 at 2:12 am
This is amazing! It will help a lot of people probably. =]


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