April 29, 2009
Wow! Freshman year is now here
I can sit in class and show no fear
As days, weeks, months go by
I can’t seem to let them pass without a cry
Knowing that one-day the word will be heard from me
The word that will show everybody what I see
Pregnancy, gangs, and many fights
I’m tired of being in the dark, turn on the lights
It’s now time for me to shine
To let you all know that the spotlight is mine
With all this in mind, I still have three years
I will make it all the way with just a handful of tears
So what is the word I’m looking for to describe this
I’m not going to find it in a lovely kiss
It comes to me now as I write
The word all along in front of me in sight
All I can say is how?
How did I figure out the word is

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