April 29, 2009
By Chris Pendergast BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Chris Pendergast BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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It’s a Saturday night and you are at your house

Waiting, waiting for your new phone to ring
The clock ticks to 9:30, then 9:45, and then 10:00

Nothing; not even a text.
During school you sit with “your friends”
It’s all cool and everyone is talking about their weekend.

You just sit and listen to their stories.
Running from the cops, hitting on girls, and sneaking around town.
You think that you are friends, but are you?

They always talk to you and say “hi,”
But you think to last weekend.
Why didn’t they call or even text me?

You snap back and look around and see everyone laughing.
They are laughing at you,
You turn red and ask “What’s so funny?”

They pause and look around.
They laugh.
Finally, one says “You have no friends.”

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