Fists Versus Words

April 29, 2009
By Kelly Brault BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Kelly Brault BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I used to go to school where I was picked on,
The villains were demons in human form,
They chased me all the way to my front lawn,
It’s like running away from a tornado storm

Then I moved to a different school,
Is was different, this place was labeled,
No fists were used but words were the tool,
Everyone was classified to what they were enabled

The words didn’t affect me,
I didn’t understand what they were supposed to do,
I would laugh because there was no pain, I was free,
If they were supposed to hurt it didn’t chew

Labels are labels and nothing more,
The people here don’t understand,
What it’s like to feel sore,
Or to take a beating firsthand

Although it’s been years,
I still remember those days clear,
Those days of blood and tears,
Now that I’m grown up I have little fear

I never have told anybody of my ugly past before,
Until now I have kept this all inside,
For those who don’t realize this, I implore,
This happens and help is what you can provide

There are those in need,
They suffer inside and out,
You can save those who are bullied,
Just by simply taking action.

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