High School Tolerance

April 29, 2009
By ootfrayoopslay GOLD, Rubicon, Wisconsin
ootfrayoopslay GOLD, Rubicon, Wisconsin
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What defines a prep? A jock? A nerd?
Who decides who fits in which crowd?
What do I do when I can’t label myself?

We are young, we haven’t developed
What makes the kids that are like me think they can call me that?
At such a young age, what does it matter?
What I wear shouldn’t make you like me
Isn’t beauty only skin deep? That’s what I was told.

It’s not about how well I can make people laugh
It can’t be about how I can make a smile spread.
It’s not about the friendship we could have had.

“Oh, look at her pants. Aren’t they weird?”
“She’s such a freak; she’s worth less than my Coach bag.”
Who has a designer purse in middle school?
Welcome to any school.
I don’t have stacks of money falling out of my pockets. I just lost my chance in being accepted.

Three years of being the awkward girl.
The boys wouldn’t stop throwing the names around.
Why is it cool to insult and put people down?
Why don’t the teachers do anything about it?
Isn’t middle school supposed to be the awkward time?

They told me high school was even worse than middle school.
But I didn’t even care.
I got over not being “cool”
I could start over. No need to be self-conscious.
Look at me now; no one would dare insult me.

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