Can't You See? It's All About ME!

May 22, 2009
By Kealy Rummel BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Kealy Rummel BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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As each new day comes, I rise from my bed,
Only to be consumed with nothing but dread.
I don’t enjoy school, hey I don’t even try.
You ask me why? Well, because I’d rather be high.
I copy and cheat to get through each day.
When I’m asked if I care, I have nothing to say.
My life is probably the worst you could get,
With nothing to do but fly around in my jet.
Our house only has three flat screen TV’s,
My misfortune might as well be a fatal disease.
Third-World countries, what does that mean?
Why would I care? I’m a selfish, spoiled teen.
I have everything I could ever need,
But it’s just not enough.
Never in my life have I done a good deed,
For my life as it is is just too rough.
I think of no one else, unless it is what
They can do or buy for me, a heartless body.
I care not about what lies inside,
If I said I don’t judge, I certainly lied.
Have I mentioned yet that I’m misunderstood?
I mean, how come people can’t see me through my hood?
And as each day comes to an end,
I search for whom to place blame for me having but not one true friend.
I know it could never be me,
For I am far more perfect than he or she.
I would never think to show I might really care,
Because true men would never dare.
My video games make up my whole life,
I feel so manly when I stab with my fictional knife.
I don’t read any books, for I don’t care to learn.
I’m not going anywhere unless someone gives me a turn.

All right now, I’ve had enough of this.
Jerry Springer is on, a show I certainly can’t miss.

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