Color Poem: RED

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Red is the feeling i get when my freinds dump me for new more popular people.
Red is the look of hatred in my face and in my heart.
Red is the feeling of love and joy as well.
Red is the firey passion for the things i cherrish and love the most.
Red is the smell of burning hot soup passing the lips of my sick body.
Red looks like the devil aproaching your door.
Over all red is a color to be enjoyed with. It shows us love and compassion but it also shows us hate and war.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem because i had just brken up with my new girl friend that i met 4 days ago. She seemed nice at first and i really liked her, but then i found out she was with this other guy. you probably can imagine what i was thinking. I was just about to break upwith her and then she comes over to me and says "Its just not working out and besideds i never really liked you anyways." and that is why i wrote this poem.

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