Circles in Pandemic

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Circles in pandemic
Lines paved in ceramic
Why do we just stand there
When all that is, is frantic?

Our minds they race in circles,
The circles in pandemic
We pave lines in ceramic
But why can we not stand this?

If we cannot stand
For standing hurts the most,
But still we cannot sit
For sitting hurts those close...

Then where do we turn
When the circles in pandemic yearn
To spread their outer boundaries
And encompass the unknown?

When what we have yet to behold
Is enclosed within the known,
That is when we lose
All that we hold close.

And when the circles in pandemic
Allow for lines in ceramic
To extend past our systemic
Borderline discrimination...

That is when the crass remarks
Lead to painful false restarts,
And that is when the reassembling
Turns to something much more deadly.

When the heart reconstructs
The mind's lost soul,
That is when what we can't hold
Turns into what will burn us whole.

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