The Beauty of Life

May 22, 2009
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Why does life have the capability of changing so fast?
And sometimes take the turn for the better but make us question our past?
Our morals, ethics, and everything alike,
Wants to make us do nothing more than take a hike,
To think things out and wonder if what we're doing is right.
Are we following the straight path or walking blindly through the night?
How is it that years of dogma can be forgotten in one instant?
Beliefs we were so strong in, things we followed on instinct,
Vanish, disappear without further ado
Endlessly looking for a destination out in the blue
Sky that holds so many questions and answers both,
And yet mysteriously hides them behind the shadow of clouds as if under an oath.
Is is it truly our duty to be searching for these answers throughout our life?
If it is, why is there so much strife,
Over what our reason for existence may be?
Why can't we all unite under a common goal peacefully?
Whatever the answers to these questions may be,
One thing will remain forever certainly.
Life, is beautiful.

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e.l.w said...
Jun. 8, 2009 at 3:35 pm
That is a beautiful poem -- the words you use are so meaningful.
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