Love me To Death

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Shedding of tears,
a silent plea for affection, acceptance,
for mere approval
Dreams of a day your proud eyes would only gaze with commendation upon my face
When only you would, once again, bring me to life
A joyless smile
A laughter with empty glee
A life with no love
How can you live like this?!
My heart BURNS from the scorch of hatred i have for You!
...yet, it glows with the passionate, red flames cast against my core by the undying love i cannot begin to flee
Can you not see my anguish?!
Can you not feel my pain?!
Oh! How i cry to You, please see me now
A smile without joy
A laugh with false glee
A life and no love
i cannot live like this!
If to live is to be loveless
And to die to finally be truly cherished,
Then i should much rather be loved through my death
Than bare the heart-rending pain of this life with you

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