A Memory From Me to You

May 22, 2009
By Saskia BRONZE, Qualicum Beach, Other
Saskia BRONZE, Qualicum Beach, Other
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I don’t really know what to write about you
You’ve captured my attention and now my heart too.
Not caring whether I’ve given my consent
I know by tonight I’ll be utterly spent.

How on earth did you make my own heart betray me,
Already shattered into pieces of three.
I guess for you I don’t mind, if you handle with care
Just keep in mind that I don’t have a spare.

When I got hurt and fell to the ground
You picked me up and then you frowned,
As I stubbornly said I wasn’t hurt
Trying to keep my voice strong and curt.

But you knew better and so you smiled

Holding me tight as if I were a child.
Usually words flow from me like water from a spout,
But because of your smile I could not get them out.

You sit down beside me and decide to stay
Which is good for me…Your smile lights up my day.
I’m lost in the twinkling depths of your eyes
Fully filled with kindness, joy and surprise.

I’m thinking of you as you’re thinking of her
Spinning my thoughts all around in a blur
But no matter what happens and what others say
I know I’ll always care for you in some kind of way.

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