Im still yours and you're mine

May 22, 2009
By TyAngela M BRONZE, Carthage, North Carolina
TyAngela M BRONZE, Carthage, North Carolina
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Here I am a teenager now,
I grew up without you here,
And without your help,
I was lonely in this world misguided,
I wanted to be daddy’s little girl,
I cried at night wishing upon a bright star,
Hoping and praying for my dad to come back,
I really hurt deeply inside,
Where was he and why wasn’t he here,
I was lost, confused, and in so much pain,
I treated my mom wrong,
I didn’t know where to turn,
I always thought a father should be there,
No matter what your child is suppose to be first

But this isn’t how it was with you,
You was able to help make me,
But you couldn’t be there to take care of me,
You had no idea how it hurt or what you did,
And there I was with a step dad,
I treated him wrong I didn’t like him,
But I know now, he was more,
More of everything, the father I wanted,
The one I needed but didn’t accept it,
I feel bad looking back on things I said,
On things I did, and do

A father is suppose to be there to take of you,
Pick you up when you fall,
Explain to you life and what not to do,
But I didn’t have that, not from you,
I wanted a lot but my mom always said,
I can’t have everything I want,
But I can and I do, no its not you,
No you’re not there but I have a family,
And I have God that’s all I need

You taught me a lesson,
You showed me what’s right and what’s not,
And I think God for you,
And since you’re my dad I love you,
Regardless of the pain that surrounded me,
Besides the salty tears I cried,
I’m still your daughter and you’re my dad.

The author's comments:
My dad was my inspiration

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