May 22, 2009
By BrittanyB SILVER, Vass, North Carolina
BrittanyB SILVER, Vass, North Carolina
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A smokey dark night sky
A blazing fire charges through the woods
A shadow creeps around
Evil taunts whirling
Coming from every direction
Everything grows black
Every breath getting shallow
Harder, harder to breathe

Suddenly she shivers

The shadow surrounds her
Grasping her neck
Leaving her breathless
Reaching out for help
Unable to speak

Something puts pressure onto her eyes
The pressure is then released
For a moment she can see
Her body pale and cold
Her mouth has crimson blood flowing from it
The warmth drifting to her neck
Staining every part it touches

Her throat, swelling still, begins to bubble
Bubbling with blood,
That begins to shoot out of her mouth
Like a volcano

The bubbling blood gets everywhere
Her throat has an anaconda squeeze
Another black flash, she opens her eyes
There the shadow stands,
Right in front of her
Glaring at her, with deep red eyes
Trying not to blink, her eyes grow dry
A rotten egg, fowl smelling creature,
Raises both hands.
Suddenly, a flash occurs

Gushing and oozing
The creature gouges her eyes out
Cracking and snapping,
Her spine being twisted,
Then it breaks

In the dark for such a time
Her eyes slowly open,
Beginning to focus
A horrid screeching sound
Wakes her from what she thought,
Was a nightmare
She sees an ugly, terrible smelling creature
With a crash the shadow beast
Bursts the image, shattering the image
That happened to be a mirror

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