May 22, 2009
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My skin crawls,
As your presence draws near.
I fear you,
I flee you.
Do I even exist?

Follow the leader,
So this is the game we play?
You are the pack leader,
I, the lone wolf.
Do I even exist?

You stalk onto the scene,
Your pack close behind.
Chilling howls fill the air,
As you prepare to strike.
Do I even exist?

Your hateful glare cuts through the darkness,
Destroying your enemies…
Destroying me.
Do I even exist?

You were manipulating me from the start,
Were you not?
What am I in your eyes?
Do I even exist?

When I fell,
You pushed me down even further.
Your air of malevolence,
Chokes me.

Even as I crash against the wall,
You stand with a smirk.
Why am I here,
Following in your footsteps?

You slash through my skin,
Your claws newly sharpened.
You’ve seen me break,
Yet you continue relentlessly.

Black and blue I stand,
Refusing to give in any longer.
Sick of the torment,
I will not conform…
Not again.

You’ve marked me with your brand,
I was once your slave.
The proof will forever remain, yet,
You no longer exist.

You can call my name,
Scream it out to the world.
I will not answer.
You no longer exist.

I am dead to you,
As you are to me.
The bitterness I once held,
Has vanished.
I bear no harsh feelings,
For I have moved on.
I am stronger than…even you,
So, shatter.

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