Abandonment Issues

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

"You're lost and late," Anxiety cooed.
Meanwhile the campus stood vacant, unmoved.

Where'd everyone go?
There's something amiss.
I need help
But can't let them find me
like this.

Deep breaths.
Let red eyes subside.
Don't really want to
Explain why I cried.

How did I always
End up alone?
It must be the fifth time today.
I thought your friends
Would wait for you but
Mine kept slipping away.

Why did we pick the same workshops
If ditching me was your plan?
When I stop to go to the bathroom
You run off while you still can.

Or maybe it just
Never crossed your mind
That I'd come back out,
And be left behind.

While I walked
I kept thinking
(Though now it sounds strange)
I could have died
And nothing would change.

Am I friend or nothing?
Well here's something new:
I don't think I'll leave
This decision to you.

So watch as the small things
Slowly add up
cause I doubt you ever knew).
At least then
You will understand
Why I'm so pissed at you.

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