Real Time Raceway

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

And I am driving like before,
Only there are three changes.
One is the time,
And what is that anyways?
Am I not the same person at this moment as I was at the last?
Do I not truly know now, what I knew then?
Is this warm Wisconsin night any different than before?
None-the-less, I am driving with no particular destination.
The cars are zipping by,
The wind is cooling my face,
And now I am driving faster.
My speedometer is screaming and a smile is creeping onto my face.
Driving fast feels almost like running.
Running isn’t free either, you know.
You buy: eighty dollar running shoes, one hundred dollar outfit, and a three hundred dollar mp3 player.
You buy: a gym membership for the winter, and energy drinks and protein bars.
But none of that matters,
Because you don’t need it, right?
So, here I am driving.
My sight is clear and my nerves are chilled.
I just got on the Real-Time Raceway.

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